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Java Dates, Building a Video Player, and JBoss' Nukes

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 06/05/2003

Dear Readers,

Good afternoon from the second floor. (Your editor thought it might be cooler up here. It's not.) As JavaOne approaches, we're busy with thoughts of games, secret announcements with Sun, and trying to get many, many articles in their proper places. Here's what we have for you this week.

Chris Adamson, braving the morass of QuickTime APIs at the risk of his sanity roll, follows up his discussion of Java media frameworks with A Gentle Re-Introduction to QuickTime for Java, Part 2. His previous article explained the history of the API. This time, he dives straight into code, producing a simple but working video player in a surprisingly short time.

Speaking of sanity rolls and things that should probably stay buried beneath the rolling waves of Ry'leh, have you ever used Java's date and time methods? Philipp K. Janert promises that they make more sense in Java 1.1.4. His article, Making Sense of Java's Dates, explains why time handling is so tricky and gives examples of their proper usage. It may never be beautiful, but at least you can get it to do the right thing.

What does it take to get a decent, scalable content-management system? Considering how many CMS's exist in the world, there are too many answers to summarize in a paragraph. JBoss.org recently switched its web site to Nukes, a home-grown CMS. The always-entertaining Marc Fleury and Julien Viet explain their design decisions and architecture in Nukes: the Open Source Java CMS. Yep, it's related to PHP's PostNuke.

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Weblog-wise, Brian M. Coyner reports on a recent talk by Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas entitled Naked Objects. Tim O'Reilly asks Do We Need a Bill of Rights for Web Services?. Your editor also reports on This Week in Open Source in Portland, Oregon. If you're in the Northwest, check out some of the interesting things this week.

Big announcement next week...

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