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Generating Binaries on the Web, Teaching Head First, and Choosing Persistence

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 06/19/2003

Dear Readers,

Hello, probably, from an airplane somewhere east of your editor's home. Yes, it's conference season and that means travel, hotels, long nights, occasional free drinks, and lots of participating in interesting, friendly communities. Don't pity him too much; come say hello next time!

Despite the hectic schedule of packing and arriving at the airport in sufficient time, here's what's happened on ONJava.com this week:

Portland resident Sean C. Sullivan had a problem. His customers really wanted printable output from a web site. HTML is just out; what a mess that is. PDF seems the answer. Dynamically Creating PDFs in a Web Application explains how Sean and company put iPDF to work for them and how to make a thousand little things go right. Beware of the HTTP headers!

O'Reilly recently released an odd little book called Head First Java. Within our office, opinions seem to be mixed until people actually thumb through the book and say, "Hey, this actually works!" Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates have an interesting teaching technique, combining interaction, thought exercises, and even a little play. Read more about how and why they wrote Head First Java in this Head First Java Author Interview.

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This week's book excerpt comes from George Reese's Java Database Best Practices. JDO Persistence, Part 1 describes several options for object persistence and why you'd choose them. If you've ever been confused by EJB versus JDO versus CMP, check it out.

Weblog-wise, there's still a little post JavaOne buzz. As well, Dion Almaer has a couple of thoughts about new features in JDK 1.5. Static imports? Aliasing? A little syntactic sugar is very nice sometimes.

Next week, we'll explore the Jakarta Commons for sure. That's a promise.

Stay well,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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