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More Commons and Templated Email

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 07/10/2003

Dear Readers,

It's OSCON 2003 time in sunny downtown Portland, Oregon. This week's full of interesting hacks, tips, and tutorials for open source. There've been several great Java talks, and your editor finally met his colleague Daniel Steinberg face to face. Here are the articles for this week:

Vikram Goyal's a man on a mission—to guide everyone through the underpromoted treasures of the Jakarta Commons. This week, Using the Jakarta Commons, Part 2 explores the Java packaging and XML components. Jelly looks pretty clever.

New author Rafe Colburn starts his career with Creating Email Templates with XML. Just about any complex web application needs to send email. When you factor in internationalization, resource files, and ease of maintenance, embedding messages in your code is too complex to scale. Rafe demonstrates using the Commons Digester and JavaMail to make your life much easier.

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There's plenty of OSCON coverage in our weblogs and on the OSCON wiki, as well as on the official coverage page. Check it out!

Until next week,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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