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Advanced Cocoon XML and XML in LDAP

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 07/17/2003

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Java newsletter, your guide to what's new in the land of ONJava. Our ongoing mission is to document good programming techniques and interesting projects that touch open source and Java. Now, on to the articles:

Collin VanDyck and David Cummings conclude their exploration of Apache Cocoon in XML Publishing with Cocoon, Part 2. Now that you know how the sitemap works, it's time to write your own Action. Alternately, you might want to transform an XML document in more detail. Either way, these guys'll show you how. (Cocoon is just nifty!)

In the bizarrely-weird-but-clever-and-useful department, Jon Roberts thinks that storing XML in a relational database is tricky. That's not the weird part. Jon also thinks that a directory store, such as LDAP, is more suited to XML data. Putting XML in LDAP with LDAPHttp demonstrates a weblog commenting system built around RSS. This tripped your editor's "hey, that's really cool!" meter, so read it!

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Weblog-wise, Brian M. Coyner rants about developer toolkits containing too much stuff; Steve Anglin points to Java presentation files at OSCON; and Dion Almaer found a song that explains MVC. No, it's not called "An Ode to Smalltalk."

We'll have more Commons next week, so be back soon.

Until then,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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