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Considering JSF and One Last Trip Through the Commons

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 07/24/2003

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Java newsletter. If this is your first Java newsletter, welcome. This weekly email lets you know what we've been talking about on ONJava this week. If you're a regular reader, welcome back! Here are the new articles this week.

Vikram Goyal leads off this week with his final installment in the Jakarta Commons series. If you've never looked at the wide variety of reusable Java code in the Commons, go now! We'll be here when you get back. Vikram's Using the Jakarta Commons, Part 3 explores the Utilities Commons—packages for working with JavaBeans, validating input, and pooling.

Popular book author Chuck Cavaness starts a new column called Java Q&A with Why Web Developers Need JavaServer Faces. Chuck gives an overview of Java web development technologies and concludes that JSF is worth exploring as it solves several lingering problems. As you'd expect, the discussion around this article is also worth exploring. What's the role of the JCP? Is it working? Is JSF the right approach? It's all food for thought.

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In the weblog world, we've started syndicating entries from java.net, our sister site. (This is just one of the ways we're trying to improve the cohesion between the two sites.) O'Reilly author Jack Shirazi points out some interesting facts from Java Case Studies. Daniel Steinberg considers social software, such as java.net, in relation to a Clay Shirky essay in Group Dynamics. Erb Cooper wonders if the new features of Java 1.5 will drive him to C# in Java 1.5: The End of Java.

That's it for this week. Next week features more on JSF and an article on JOTM.

Until then,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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