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JSF in Practice, Java Transactions, and the Struts Tag Library

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 07/31/2003

Hello readers,

Welcome to the Java newsletter, one good source of information about what's new and useful in the Java and open source Java worlds. Here are the new pieces on ONJava.com this week.

Following last week's explanation of JavaServer Faces, frequent author Budi Kurniawan demonstrates the technology in Introducing JavaServer Faces. Don't know why it matters? Wondering what "event-driven" really means in a web programming context? Budi builds a simple JSF application that should answer your first questions.

Sometimes, you can live with a little mystery. Other times, you have to be sure. You wouldn't want to use an ATM that sometimes removed too much money from your account if it loses a connection, so why would your users want to be double-billed if something unexpected happened in your application? Jeff Mesnil explains how transactions can improve the consistency of your data in Adding Transactions to Servlets with JOTM. (They're not just for servlets, though!)

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Finally, Chuck Cavaness, author of Programming Jakarta Struts and Jakarta Struts Pocket Reference, thinks the Struts tag libraries make his life much easier. Find out more in Getting the Most Out of the Struts Tag Libraries. Weblog-wise, Dion Almaer discusses his interview with Gregor Kiczales, father of Aspect-Oriented Programming. As well, he thinks the recent TMC Petstore retrial is valuable—not because it declares a winner, but because it gives concrete data for possible performance tuning .

That concludes the text portion of this newsletter. Tune in next week for a little bit of Java gaming.

Have a nice week,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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