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Java on the GameBoy and Java Speech Synthesis

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 08/07/2003

Welcome, readers, to the Java newsletter. Here's what we've published on ONJava.com this week:

One of the persistent goals of computing is reliable speech processing, both synthesis and recognition. As you'd expect, Java has an API for this. New authors Mandar Chitnis and Lakshmi Ananthamurthy explore JSAPI, the Java Speech API, building a simple application that speaks its text. Read more in The Java Speech API, Part 1.

If you've heard any Java marketing this year (or if you're up on your game industry buzz), you know that Java's one of the next big things in the gaming world. You may not know that Nintendo's GameBoy is still the undisputed champion of handheld gaming. What happens when you combine the two? Howard Wen explores JEMBlazer, a Java development kit for the GameBoy Advance, and he interviews its lead developers, Mike Masters and Kurt Mahan.

In the news-from-the-other-side-of-the-house department, your editor has written an article entitled Five Lessons You Should Learn from Extreme Programming. XP was designed to solve several problems in specific circumstances. You may not share those circumstances or you may not be able to adopt XP right now, if ever. That's OK. It's still worth considering XP's suggestions and goals; if you haven't solved these problems already, you will face them soon.

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In our weblogs this week, Mitch Tulloch wonders about the effect of technology on language development. ("Language" here is left deliberately vague.) N. Alex Rupp muses on the Apache Software Foundation's Geronimo announcement in You can't buy your way into the Apache Software Foundation.

Tune in next week for a primer on creating media with Java, and an alternative to EJBs and other Java-side persistence mechanisms.

Until then,

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