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Media Creation and Stored Procedures

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 08/14/2003

Good (-0800 GMT-centric) afternoon to everyone. Welcome to the weekly ONJava newsletter, your guide to the new, exciting, and occasionally controversial in open source and Java. Here's what's new this week.

Chris Adamson, "QuickTime for Java" author, delicately points out that QuickTime is far more than just a convenient playback library. It's a media creation toolkit. In Making Movies from Scratch, he explains how to put together a movie, frame by frame. You probably wouldn't build a whole movie this way, but if you want to add special transition effects or timestamps, it's handy to know.

New author Nic Ferrier has a solution to the dull-as-dirt object-relational mapping blues: stored procedures. Nic argues that portability, simplicity, and maintainability really aren't weaknesses of stored procedures. Hey, the complexity has to go somewhere, and maybe JDO and EJBs aren't always the answer. Read more in Stored Procedures for Java Programmers.

Weblog-wise, Java.net has had a mini-discussion raging over squeezing specifications and requirements out of customers. See Greg Vaughn's Fundamental Problem with Extreme Programming; Philip Brittan's XP, User Champions, and Software Vendors; and Greg's followup Mission Impossible: Requirements.

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Maybe it's a silly question, but how can you write software if you don't know what it should do? Similarly, why would a customer pay for software if he or she doesn't know what it should do?

Next week's articles cover JBoss clustering and a caching technique called memoization.

See you then,

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