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Memoization and JBoss Clustering

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 08/21/2003

Hello to all. This is the Java newsletter, exclusive coverage of this week's happenings on ONJava.com. Let's dive in.

If computers are good at anything, it's repetition. Where even the most patient person would eventually complain about recalculating the same answers over and over again, a computer will keep doing its job cheerfully. Of course, your time is worth something too. Why wait for an answer you already know? Enter memoization--caching the return values of idempotent functions. Tom White explains how to improve high-cost calculations in Memoization in Java Using Dynamic Proxy Classes.

Rather than relying on one huge, high-availability machine, many projects benefit from clustering several smaller, easy-to-replace machines. This works well with J2EE application servers, including JBoss. Synchronizing applications across a cluster and multiple JVMs can be tricky, though. Ivelin Ivanov explores some of the strategies and solutions in J2EE Clustering with JBoss.

In our weblogs this week, William Grosso points to the recently released JSR 175 (metadata) specification. Dion Almaer reports on the JDO 2.0 kickoff meeting. Sue Spielman started quite a discussion with Outsourcing in my company? I do not think so. Finally, Daniel Steinberg describes the Submit Fix to Open Source pattern.

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We'll be here again next week, discussing the Singleton pattern and its variants as well as foraying again into media programming with Java.

Until then,

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