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The Singleton, Images to Movies, and Distributed Processing at Parties

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 08/28/2003

Greetings, gentle readers. This is the ONJava newsletter, a weekly wrapup of the informative and interesting to be found on ONJava.com. Let's dive right in.

More isn't always better. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes, one is enough. That's the idea behind the Singleton pattern — just one instance of an object is all you'll ever need. Budi Kurniawan continues his trek through Java Design Patterns with Using the Singleton Design Pattern, with example code from Tomcat's multilingual error message handler.

Chris Adamson continues his trek through all things media in Java. This week, in Making Media from Scratch, part 2, he demonstrates how to build a movie frame by frame. In particular, it's easy to turn a static image into a movie; move the (smaller) visible area around within the (larger) image.

Following closely on the heels of the popular Head First Java, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates have just completed Head First EJB. In How to Talk about Jini, J2EE, and Web Services at a Cocktail Party, they explain everything you need to know about distributed services in Java to hold your own in a geeky conversation. (Even if you prefer not to go to those kinds of parties, it's a good overview of the often-confusing acronym soup.)

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This week's weblogs feature Steve Mallett's introduction of the O'Reilly developer news site, William Grosso suggesting tax donations for contributing to open source projects, and a continuing series of Java vs. .Net by Philip Brittan.

That's it for next week. Join us again next week for a JSF reference guide and an overview of code generation techniques.

Au revoir,

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