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Desktop Apps with Web Front Ends and More Web Patterns

by Daniel H. Steinberg
ONJava Newsletter for 09/18/2003

Dear Reader,

It would sure be nice to have someone "supersize" my week. Are you sure that was seven days again? Must be, because here's the ONJava newsletter in your inbox. First up, we continue with the exploration begun last week by Ganesh Prasad, Rajat Taneja, and Vikrant Todankar in the second of their two-part series, Web and Enterprise Architecture Design Patterns for J2EE. The article has already generated feedback over whether or not these are patterns, and how they may compare to other Enterprise patterns, such as those catalogued recently by Martin Fowler. This week you'll read about 11 patterns from the Security, Navigation, and Data Volume Control categories.

I'm so glad to be working again with Will Iverson. I first met Will when I started covering Java on the Macintosh for a variety of publications and he was working as Apple's Java product manager. Will is the author of the O'Reilly book, "Mac OS X for Java Geeks," and we'll both be presenting next month at O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference in Santa Clara, California.

This week Will looks at desktop applications that present their interface using a browser in Create Desktop Applications with Java-Based Web Technologies. Will suggests that "If you marry the concept of user-installable desktop software with the web technologies you're already familiar with ... [you'll find] opportunities to build a new class of applications--browser-based applications uniquely suited for this new age of browsers, wireless laptops, and 802.11-enabled PDAs."

This week we also feature the java.net article on JOGL, the Java bindings for Open GL. ONJava author Chris Adamson kicks off this series with examples from two-dimensional rendering to help you install, configure, and experiment with the open source project. Download and install the latest version of JOGL and play along at home with Jumping into JOGL.

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Although there has been a dearth of Java-specific blogs, don't forget to take a look at entries such as Damien Stolarz' RDFMapper: Geospacial Blog Annotation. You can certainly take advantage of this "web service that searches an RDF file for resources with geographic locations, and returns a map overlayed with dots representing located resources." In his java.net blog entry, An Open Spirit, Simon Phipps discusses Anne Thomas Manes' thoughts on porting Jakarta to Mono.

Till next week,

Daniel H Steinberg, editor
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