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Readability of Upcoming Java Features and Java for Bioinformatics

by Daniel H. Steinberg
ONJava Newsletter for 09/25/2003

Dear Reader,

Often the fun of a new article is the conversation it sparks. Take this week's Readable Java 1.5 article, for example. The tone is aggressive and the suggestions are plentiful as author Stephen Jungels looks at making some of the new constructs in Java 1.5 more readable. The new for loop, Generics, and Variance all get Jungels' take on what he would do differently. The article ends with an extended example comparing Sun's proposed syntax with Jungels. Take a look and then join the discussion with your ideas.

At last year's O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference, while there may have been disagreements over which language or tools to use, everyone agreed that a background in biology is a must to work in this field. OK, let's assume you've taken care of that; next you will want to look at the tools and techniques. In Java for Bioinformatics, Stephen Montgomery acknowledges that while the traditional language for the field has been Perl, there are different APIs and applications that use Java. In his article, Mongomery discusses these APIs and provides code examples for working with some of them.

Our java.net feature of the week is Luke Francl's article on Running Individual Test Cases from Ant. Francl first introduces an Ant task for exercising a single Test class at a time. He then drills down and shows how to exercise specific test methods from a specific class.

Simon St.Laurent warns that there has been a recent increase in public institutions looking at licensing opportunities instead of at the public good in When good institutions go bad. William Grosso reports from Jim Gray's recent speech in Distributed Computing Economics and the Semantic Web. Grosso summarized the theory as "since everything costs money, you should consider the costs of everything when building applications."

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Till then,

Daniel H Steinberg, editor
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