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XML Parsing and Mac OS X JNI

by Daniel H. Steinberg
ONJava Newsletter for 10/09/2003


Prabu Arumugam explains that "Parsing in single-threaded applications is straightforward. However, it is quite complex and challenging in a multithreaded application, such as an application server, because the applications often create a dedicated thread to parse XML, serving many concurrently running threads with the parsed data." In the article, XML Parsing in a Producer-Consumer Model, Prabu explains why and how you should use SAX for parsing the XML files.

In Mac OS X JNI Revisited, Will Iverson shows you how to use Apple's tools for writing Java code that calls into the native C code. Will also responds to questions he received in response to his book, "Mac OS X for Java Geeks", and he hints at the changes coming with XCode in the Panther release slated for October 24. Will speaks at O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference the following week and will be happy to answer any of your questions about XCode at that time.

Our java.net feature of the week is Sam Newman's article Using RSS in JSP pages. Sam shows how to use the Informa open source Java API for parsing RSS files. You can add dynamic content to your site by creating "an RSS tag that should enable you to quickly insert RSS feeds while keeping with your site's current design."

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Till next week,

Daniel H Steinberg, editor
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