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BCEL, Maven, and CSS with Swing

by Daniel H. Steinberg
ONJava Newsletter for 10/24/2003


Within minutes of sending out the last email about "Daylight Savings Time suggestions", I received a nice email from Monty explaining that it should be "Daylight Saving Time" (that is, singular not plural). He was nice about it and provided two supportive links, so I have corrected the mistake here.

Vikram Goyal helps you Analyze Your Classes using Apache's Byte Code Engineering Library (BCEL). He writes that "to extend and enhance the JVM to improve runtime performance, among other things, we need to take a deeper look inside this engine and the structure of the class files that it loads and executes." You may want to start on page 3 and check out the screenshots first.

Although Ant is still the build tool of choice for Java developers, many are starting to look at Maven. In Developing with Maven, Rob Herbst helps you map from Ant's tasks to Maven's goals. The Maven way is to start with prebuilt functionality and to fill in the details of your specific project. Rob also shows you how to integrate existing Ant tasks into your Maven build process. Read and add to the active talkback at the end of the article.

This week's java.net article is Joshua Marinacci's piece on Swing and CSS. Joshua borrows from the model of applying style sheets to a web site to achieve uniformity. He takes you through the process of preparing a Swing application to receive a consistent look that can be changed in a single place using the CSS ideas.

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We have sponsored content provided by BEA Systems. The article by Scott Semyan is titled A Tour Through WebLogic Workshop 8.1: Westside Auto Sales. The piece could also have been titled "A Tour Through an Enterprise Application." You'll encounter EJBs on the back end, Web Services, SOAP, and JMS, all combined to create an automotive sales tool.

Till next week,

Daniel H Steinberg, editor
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