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Head First EJB

by Daniel H. Steinberg
ONJava Newsletter for 11/07/2003


I loved "Head First Java" and couldn't wait to see what Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates came up with next. First of all, what they do is really hard. They write the way they talk and think. When I first saw their second effort I thought "blech". First, it's a book on EJB's and second it's a certification book. But it's good. It's really good. Those that looked at the format of their first book and dismissed it, really lost out. Those who don't take "Head First EJB" out for a spin will similarly miss out. If you want a peek inside their heads at what they were thinking in writing this as the second Head First book, check out their interview this week on ONJava.

Hans Bergsten begins his series on JSP 2.0: The New Deal with a look at the Expression Language (EL). He also notes that "If you want to try out the new JSP 2.0 features, I recommend that you use Apache Tomcat 5, one of the first JSP containers to implement the new specification. A version labeled as 'stable' can't be released until the final version of the specification is published, but the latest beta versions have proved to be very stable, regardless of the beta label."

Our java.net article this week is the second in Sam Newman's series on RSS. In More RSS for Java, Sam looks at using cache loaded feeds that are periodically updated. He shows how to pull the "freshness" information from the RSS feeds and use this to minimize the traffic and processing. He also shows how to manage a blog roll.

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In the hopper we have articles coming on Regular Expressions, some servlet techniques, and more in Hans Bergsten's series on JSP 2.0.

Till next week,

Daniel H Steinberg, editor
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