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On Ant and Audio

by Daniel H. Steinberg
ONJava Newsletter for 12/18/2003


I've been playing along at home with Chris Adamson's QuickTime Java series. It's been a lot of fun working with images and creating our own "Ken Burns" effect. I had been having so much fun with the visuals that I had forgotten about the audio. Fortunately, Chris hasn't. In "QTJ Audio" he creates a fun sample application called QTBebop--an audio player "that displays song metadata, band levels, and current time, all of which help introduce the useful audio-related tools provided by QuickTime to the Java developer." QTJ Audio

Managing development of a Java application is so much easier once you have your Ant tasks in order. Eric M. Burke assumes that you've been playing with Ant for a while. Whether you have a mess that needs untangling or you're just looking for some guidelines on how you should address a particular need, you'll want to start with his "Top 15 Ant Best Practices". We asked him to find ten tips that would help you use Ant in your development environment and he kept going. Top 15 Ant Best Practices

This week's java.net article is the first in Joshua Marinacci's series on "Making Your Swing App Go Native". Joshua suggests ways of getting his sample "Mad Chatter" application to respond and look more like a native app both on Windows and Mac OS X. His first article covers "designing the menus and adding visual alerts." Follow his links to the java.net project where he is open sourcing the code. Make Your Swing App Go Native, Part 1

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For many, the holidays are coming up, but we've got a full schedule ahead on ONJava. We'll be publishing a day early next week and the week after.

Till then,

Daniel H Steinberg, editor
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