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Thanks and Happy New Year

by Daniel H. Steinberg
ONJava Newsletter for 12/30/2003


As chromatic writes on his ONLamp look back at 2003, writing a year-ender is "the law" for online editors. OnJava's Associate Editor Chris Adamson takes a look back and provides an index of the online articles for 2003. Much deserved thanks to chromatic for editing ONJava for much of the year and for helping out well above and beyond what he'd originally signed on to do. Thank you also to Chris Adamson for joining the team as an editor and helping to shape the site. As Chris notes in his article, we could do nothing without the amazing work of Sarah Breen, and we always appreciate (and never take for granted) the great graphics work of Miky Vacik. James Barnett is indispensable as our go-to copy editor, and Chris Valdez, Terrie Miller, and Tara McGoldrick add so much to the site each week with work on the blogs, articles, and newsletters.

In addition, thank you for suggesting articles, participating in online discussions, and for emailing us your comments.

ONJava: 2003 in Review

As a year-end bonus, we're running a book excerpt from Hans Bergsten's new "JavaServer Pages 3rd Edition." We're halfway through his series on what's new in JSPs, so it's a nice time to run this chapter on "Developing Custom Tag Libraries as Tag Files."

This week's java.net featured story is from Carolyn Snyder, on "Paper Prototyping." She presents six tips of how to know that you should be paper prototyping, and also gives you a few hints on how to get started. While you're there, be sure to check out the feedback.

Six Signs That You Should Use Paper Prototyping

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Thank you again for making this such a great year for ONJava, and let us know what you would like to see us do next year.

Daniel H. Steinberg, Editor
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