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Looking Good and Working Right

by Chris Adamson
ONJava Newsletter for 09/23/2004


If web building is the bread and butter of many Java developers today--and with the ubiquity and importance of the web, it's a nice niche to have dibs on--then this week's ONJava articles should offer some directly applicable help with getting your web applications to look right and work right.

In Advanced SiteMesh, Sunil Patil digs into this open source technology, which uses servlet filters to provide a consistent look and feel to web sites, even those where the content is generated by different underlying technologies. He writes "the easiest possible solution is to let each of your web applications create plain HTML content without knowing about how it is being decorated, and only then have something else to choose and apply appropriate decorators. This is precisely what SiteMesh does."

Struts provides a nice separation of view and controller from the typical web application arrangement, but this turns out to make a Struts application more difficult to test completely with a tool like Cactus. Lu Jian believes he has found a solution, which he calls "StrutsUT". In Unit Test Your Struts Application, he says "the idea is to extend the Cactus framework's 'in-container' part to interact with the test case two times in the web container", with the test called from both Cactus and Struts.

Our excerpt from Enterprise JavaBeans, 4th Edition concludes this week. In this second installment, Bill Burke, Richard Monson-Haefel, and Sacha Labourey introduce a session bean to manage the entity bean presented in part 1, and a client application to exercise the session bean's business logic.

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This week's feature article from java.net delves into Swing GUIs and custom component development to deliver just the right experience to end users. As Jene Jasper writes, "there are times when you want a modal window that implements window-specific modality rather than the application-wide modality provided by the standard JDialog class." In The JModalWindow Project, he shows how to develop a new widget, the JModalWindow, to answer this need.

Please join us again next week.

Chris Adamson, editor