Kelly Truelove
Kelly Truelove is an independent research analyst who, via Truelove Research, covers peer-to-peer technology with a focus on P2P content search, storage, and distribution networks. He is regarded as a leading expert on consumer file-sharing systems, which he covers with a data-driven approach. He was previously founder & CEO of Clip2, a technology startup company, where he led extensive technical investigations and tracking efforts into extant file-sharing systems and distributed systems development platforms including Gnutella, OpenNap/Napster, FastTrack (Morpheus/KaZaA), Sun's Project JXTA, and XML Web services. Truelove co-authored the O'Reilly Research 2001 P2P Networking Overview and is an O'Reilly Network contributor. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley.

2001 P2P Networking Overview 2001 P2P Networking Overview
by Kelly Truelove , Clay Shirky , Lucas Gonze , Rael Dornfest
October 2001

Kelly Truelove