Brian McConnell

Brian McConnell is an inventor, author, and serial telecom entrepreneur. He has founded three telecom startups since moving to California. The most recent, Open Communication Systems, designs cutting-edge telecom applications based on open standards telephony technology.

Beyond Contact Beyond Contact
by Brian McConnell
March 2001
Print: $24.95

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Tutorial : Make Your Website Multilingual With A Proxy Server

May 07 2010

Building a multilingual site is often a difficult and expensive task, not because there is anything especially difficult about hiring translators, but because web publishing and application development tools tend to treat translation as an after thought. However, there is... read more

TransKit : A New Translation SDK For Software and Web Developers

November 14 2009

If you've had to build a multilingual website, or worse retrofit an existing website to be multilingual, you know this can be a time consuming and expensive process. The Worldwide Lexicon open source translation platform is now beginning to ship... read more

Adding Professional Translations To Your Website or Webapp

October 28 2009

If you have ever had to localize your website or web app, you know that it can be time consuming, difficult and expensive. This week we ( are rolling out a new service that makes this as simple as a... read more

Building A Translatable Website (Call For Developers)

October 23 2009

The Worldwide Lexicon is a collaborative, open source translation platform that combines inputs from professional, volunteer and machine translators. It is a best effort system that translates pages as they are served, using the best available resources at the time,... read more

Building A Translation Proxy Server (How To Make Any Website Translatable)

October 19 2009

While the web has rendered time and distance moot, the language barrier is still standing. Although services like Babelfish and Google Translate have made a few dents in the wall, the web remains not a worldwide network, but dozens of... read more

An Open Letter To Newspaper Publishers

May 07 2009

Dear Publisher, With so many people predicting your imminent death, you're probably wishing the Grim Reaper would just stop by and get it over with. The good news is that when everyone in the technology business or the financial press... read more

For SARS Press 1.. (How To Host Classes Online When Your School Is Closed)

April 28 2009

This is an update to an article I first posted on Oreilly in 2006. The information has aged substantially since then, and with the recent news about the spread of a new flu strain, I thought it made sense to... read more

Social Translation with Der Mundo (Beta Testers Wanted)

February 25 2009

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about social translation using the Worldwide Lexicon as well as a review of Google's App Engine platform. This week we quietly turned on a general purpose tool for translating any website or... read more

Social Translation : Using the WWL API To Build Multilingual Sites and Web Apps

February 11 2009

Language is one of the few remaining barriers on the Internet. The web has rendered time and distance largely irrelevant, but much of it remains fragmented by language. The Worldwide Lexicon, an open source project I have worked on for... read more

Why I Started Coding Again (Thanks, Guido!)

February 11 2009

This is a follow up article to a piece I wrote in 2007, "Why I Stopped Coding and Why I'd Start Again". I took a several year hiatus from writing code, mostly because I found that I was spending more... read more

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