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Mike Loukides is an editor for O'Reilly Media, Inc.. He is the author of System Performance Tuning and UNIX for FORTRAN Programmers. Mike's interests are system administration, networking, programming languages, and computer architecture. His academic background includes degrees in electrical engineering (B.S.) and English literature (Ph.D.).

How Data Science Is Transforming Health Care How Data Science Is Transforming Health Care
by Tim O'Reilly , Mike Loukides , Julie Steele , Colin Hill
August 2012
Ebook: $0.00

What is DevOps? What is DevOps?
by Mike Loukides
June 2012
Ebook: $0.00

The Evolution of Data Products The Evolution of Data Products
by Mike Loukides
September 2011
Ebook: $0.00

Unix Power Tools Unix Power Tools
by Shelley Powers , Jerry Peek , Tim O'Reilly , Mike Loukides
Third Edition October 2002
Print: $74.99
Ebook: $55.99

UNIX Power Tools UNIX Power Tools
by Jerry Peek , Mike Loukides , Tim O'Reilly , et al.
October 2002

System Performance Tuning System Performance Tuning
by Gian-Paolo D. Musumeci , Mike Loukides
Second Edition February 2002
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $35.99

UNIX  PowerTools UNIX PowerTools
by Jerry Peek , Tim O'Reilly , Mike Loukides
Second Edition August 1997

Programming with GNU Software Programming with GNU Software
by Andy Oram , Mike Loukides
December 1996
Print: $39.95

System Performance Tuning System Performance Tuning
by Mike Loukides
November 1990

UNIX for FORTRAN Programmers UNIX for FORTRAN Programmers
by Mike Loukides
August 1990

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Instagram: On being the product

December 18 2012

Let me start by saying that I’m not an Instagram user, and never have been. So I thought I could be somewhat dispassionate. But I’m finding that hard. The latest change to their terms of service is outrageous: their statement … read more

Interoperating the industrial Internet

December 17 2012

One of the most interesting points made in GE’s “Unleashing the Industrial Internet” event was GE CEO Jeff Immelt’s statement that only 10% of the value of Internet-enabled products is in the connectivity layer; the remaining 90% is in the … read more

To eat or be eaten?

November 30 2012

One of Marc Andreessen’s many accomplishments was the seminal essay “Why Software is Eating the World.” In it, the creator of Mosaic and Netscape argues for his investment thesis: everything is becoming software. Music and movies led the way, Skype … read more

The Narwhal and the Orca

November 26 2012

Leaving politics aside, there’s a lot that can be learned from the technical efforts of the Obama and Romney campaigns. Just about everyone agrees that the Obama campaign’s Narwhal project was a great success, and that Romney’s Orca was a … read more

George Church and the potential of synthetic biology

November 09 2012

A few weeks ago, I explained why I thought biohacking was one of the most important new trends in technology. If I didn’t convince you, Derek Jacoby’s review (below) of George Church’s new book, Regenesis, will. Church is no stranger … read more

Biohacking: The next great wave of innovation

October 03 2012

I’ve been following synthetic biology for the past year or so, and we’re about to see some big changes. Synthetic bio seems to be now where the computer industry was in the late 1970s: still nascent, but about to explode. … read more

Apple’s maps

September 29 2012

I promise not to make any snarky remarks about Apple’s maps disaster, and the mistakes of letting a corporate vendetta get in the way of good business decisions. Oops, I lied. But it’s good to see that Tim Cook agrees, … read more


September 24 2012

Maybe I’m the last person to know this, but phishing has spread beyond email. And it’s not really pretty. Here’s the story: A few nights ago, I got a Twitter direct message (DM) from a friend saying that someone was … read more

StrataRx: Data science and health(care)

August 03 2012

By Mike Loukides and Jim Stogdill We are launching a conference at the intersection of health, health care, and data. Why? Our health care system is in crisis. We are experiencing epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, and other preventable conditions … read more

Discovering science

July 31 2012

The discovery of the Higgs boson gave us a window into the way science works. We’re over the hype and the high expectations kindled by last year’s pre-announcement. We’ve seen the moving personal interest story about Peter Higgs and how … read more

The dark side of data

July 23 2012

A few weeks ago, Tom Slee published “Seeing Like a Geek,” a thoughtful article on the dark side of open data. He starts with the story of a Dalit community in India, whose land was transferred to a group of … read more

Overfocus on tech skills could exclude the best candidates for jobs

July 20 2012

The requirement that candidates must have worked with a corporate API might seem logical to an unseasoned executive or non-technical HR person but it's as wrong as you can get. read more

Faster and stronger: Looking back on Velocity 2012

July 10 2012

Mike Loukides highlights talks from Velocity 2012, including: Bryan McQuade on the importance of understanding the full stack, Dr. Richard Cook on failures and complex systems, Mike Christian on redundant data centers, and John Rauser on the value of outliers. read more

What is DevOps?

June 07 2012

NoOps, DevOps — no matter what you call it, operations won't go away. Ops experts and development teams will jointly evolve to meet the challenges of delivering reliable software to customers. read more

The software professional vs the software artist

June 05 2012

Developer "artists" who think they're too good to address vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications must shoulder blame for insecure systems. read more

End of a fishing expedition

June 01 2012

As the Oracle v Google trial shows, we get proper rulings on copyrights and patents when judges and jurors understand the technology they're ruling on. read more

A federal judge learned to code

May 16 2012

The judge presiding over the Oracle/Google case learned Java, and that skill came in handy when coding specifics arose during the trial. It's proof that coding is a part of cultural competence, even if you never do it professionally. read more

Operations, machine learning and premature babies

April 09 2012

Machine learning and access to huge amounts of data allowed IBM to make an important discovery about premature infants. If web operations teams could capture everything — network data, environmental data, I/O subsystem data, etc. — what would they find out? read more

Privacy, contexts and Girls Around Me

April 04 2012

The application of user data is pushing at the edges of cultural norms. That can be a positive, but finding "the line" requires adherence to a few simple and clear guidelines. read more

Passwords and interviews

March 26 2012

A candidate that forks over a social media password during an interview could become an employee that gives out a pasword in other situations. Employers aren't making that connection. read more

The unreasonable necessity of subject experts

March 20 2012

We can't forget that data is ultimately about insight, and insight is inextricably tied to the stories we build from the data. Subject experts are the ones who find the stories data wants to tell. read more

The privacy arc

February 28 2012

We're at a point in privacy's evolution where sanitized tech solutions are clumsily attempting to introduce (or reintroduce) human connections into our experiences. read more

The NoSQL movement

February 08 2012

A relational database is no longer the default choice. Mike Loukides charts the rise of the NoSQL movement and explains how to choose the right database for your application. read more

On pirates and piracy

January 23 2012

Mike Loukides: "I'm not willing to have the next Bach, Beethoven, or Shakespeare post their work online, only to have it taken down because they haven't paid off a bunch of executives who think they own creativity." read more

Don't expect the end of electronics obsolescence anytime soon

January 20 2012

Software updates for consumer electronics sound great in theory. But over time, the discrepancy between what the software is supposed to do and what your devices are capable of will rub obsolescence in your face. read more

From SOPA to speech: Seven tech trends to monitor

January 19 2012

Mike Loukides weighs in on the tech trends — good and bad — that will exert considerable influence in 2012. read more

Putting money where our mouths are

January 17 2012

SOPA and PIPA are attempts by established companies to preserve an industry that has been fundamentally unchanged since the 1950s, if not the 40s. read more

Understanding randomness is a double-edged sword

January 05 2012

While Leonard Mlodinow's book offers a good introduction to probabilistic thinking, it carries two problems: First, it doesn't uniformly account for skill. Second, when we're talking probability and statistics, we're talking about interchangeable events. read more

The end of social

December 05 2011

If you want to tell me what you listen to, I care. But if sharing is nothing more than a social application feed that's constantly updated without your volition, then it's just another form of spam. read more

An open response to Sen. Blumenthal on Protect IP and SOPA

November 30 2011

SOPA and Protect IP are proposing remedies to copyright violation that never come under the scrutiny of the legal system. read more

Understanding Apple fans

November 17 2011

AT&T and other carriers are not helping Android, or themselves, by turning a great product into a second-rate one. And maybe I'm getting soft in my old age, but I now understand what Apple fans hate about Android. read more

Looking for KDD contenders

November 10 2011

Organizers of this year's KDD Cup data mining challenge are looking for data problems in areas such as medicine, education, the environment, or anything that leads to a social good. Submissions are due by November 15. read more

Looking for KDD contenders

November 10 2011

Organizers of this year's KDD Cup data mining challenge are looking for data problems in areas such as medicine, education, the environment, or anything that leads to a social good. Submissions are due by November 15. read more

Dennis Ritchie's legacy of elegantly useful tools

October 29 2011

"UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity," Dennis Ritchie once said. It's true, and we need more geniuses who share his spirit. read more

Oracle's NoSQL

October 06 2011

Oracle's announcement of a NoSQL product isn't just a validation of key-value stores, but of the entire discussion of database architecture. read more

Oracle's NoSQL

October 06 2011

Oracle's announcement of a NoSQL product isn't just a validation of key-value stores, but of the entire discussion of database architecture. read more

Intellectual property gone mad

July 18 2011

Patent trolling could undermine app ecosystems, but who can mount a legitimate challenge? Here's four potential solutions. read more

The Java parade: What about IBM and Apache?

July 15 2011

Why did Mike Loukides leave IBM and Apache out of his recent piece, "Who leads the Java Parade?" Because — despite good reasons — they both opted out. read more

Who leads the Java parade?

July 13 2011

Are any of the companies in the Java community willing to exercise technical leadership? Are there organizations willing to bring the features Java needs to fruition? It's time for the real leader to stand up and address these questions. read more

Brief thoughts on Google Plus

July 02 2011

Within hours, early Plus invitees were actually using Google Plus for conversations. Not just nattering back and forth, not just comments on the service itself, but real conversations. That's fundamentally different from Google Wave. read more

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