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Julia Lerman is the leading independent authority on the Entity Framework and has been using and teaching the technology since its inception in 2006. She is well known in the .NET community as a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, and INETA Speaker. Julie is a frequent presenter at technical conferences around the world and writes articles for many well-known technical publications including the Data Points column in MSDN Magazine. You can read her blog at www.thedatafarm.com/blog and follow her on Twitter at julielerman.

Programming Entity Framework: DbContext Programming Entity Framework: DbContext
by Julia Lerman , Rowan Miller
February 2012
Print: $24.99
Ebook: $14.99

Programming Entity Framework: Code First Programming Entity Framework: Code First
by Julia Lerman , Rowan Miller
November 2011
Print: $24.99
Ebook: $14.99

Programming Entity Framework Programming Entity Framework
by Julia Lerman
Second Edition August 2010
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $43.99

Programming Entity Framework Programming Entity Framework
by Julia Lerman
February 2009
Ebook: $43.99

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My new rig (aka a development box for a geek who is not a hardware nerd)

December 19 2012

This fall I got myself a new development computer. I did my usual indecisive Libra thing over for months before settling on something. My last machine was one that I got arm-twisted into building myself. I’m just not made for this. It should have been obvious when the parts list… read more

Beware machine.config files messing up Code First provider factories

December 14 2012

It took us a long time and a bit of luck to get to the bottom of this problem. It turns out that at two completely different client sites they had computers whose machine.config file had been affected in a way that was causing an error in Code First. The… read more

Digging in to Multi-Tenant Migrations with EF6 Alpha

November 17 2012

I wanted to give the new Multi-Tenant migration feature in the EF6 alpha (released Oct 30, 2012) a whirl and having done so, thought I would save someone a few steps figuring it out. The specs are very useful and thankfully I’m fairly familiar with migrations already so I didn’t… read more

Making your way around the Open Source Entity Framework CodePlex Site

November 15 2012

I haven’t spent a lot of time on CodePlex until EF got there. So between learning my way around CodePlex and also how the EF team is organizing all of their information, I kept missing key information because I didn’t know where it was tucked away. So I thought I… read more

Recent Interviews & Articles & Videos

November 10 2012

Being the lazy gal that I am, I tend to put this info on twitter which is just a passing note, to be forgotten within a day. So I thought I’d collect some of this recent content in one place. Recent Interviews Nov 6th, Pluralsight “Meet the Author: Julie Lerman on… read more

Easy Move for Outlook when Replacing Office 2013 Preview with RTM

October 25 2012

I just downloaded Office 2013 Pro Plus from MSDN to install on a machine that was running the preview. As this is a recently repaved computer, Office 2013 Preview was the only version of Office on the box. In prep, I sought out others’ reports on the web, but couldn't… read more

Full Day Entity Framework Workshop Nov 2 at DevConnections

October 19 2012

There’s still time to register for my post-conference workshop at DevConnections. VPS301: Entity Framework in the Enterprise: A Day of Guidance for Avoiding and Solving the Big Problems HANDS-ON, BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM) Add'l Fee $425.00 Entity Framework’s default behaviors work wonderfully for demonstration or small applications. But… read more

New Entity Framework in the Enterprise Course on Pluralsight

October 19 2012

Well..new as in published last month but I never blogged about it. This is a 3hr16 minute course called “Entity Framework in the Enterprise”. Learn how Entity Framework fits into your overall software solution when using enterprise level architecture. You'll see how to implement DDD Bounded Contexts with EF, Repository… read more

Vermont Geeks Rejoice! So many awesome events packed into the near future!

September 17 2012

Monday Sept 17th, Burlington: Northern Vermont SharePoint Users Group : “Cool Sh-t (SharePoint)" Tuesday Sept 18th, Burlington: VT Functional Group: Eric Smith - Stepping Up to Haskell Wednesday Sept 19th, Winooski: Vermont Technology Alliance Lunch & Learn (Topic: Innovation, Speed  & Risk) Wednesday Sept 19th, Burlington: Burlington Ruby : Intro to Object Oriented… read more

Tour the Top 10 Treats in Entity Framework 4
January 27, 2010
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes. Cost: Free Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 bring us a new version of ADO.NET Entity Framework, called Entity Framework 4. From the designer, to the APIs to entire new feature sets to support agile development, ...

Webcast: Entity Framework Tips & Tricks
August 27, 2009
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes. Cost: Free Developers discover a lot of behavior in the ADO.NET Entity Framework that is quite unexpected. Programming Entity Framework author, Julie Lerman, will help you avoid some surprises and show you tricks...

Julia Lerman

"Programming Entity Framework is one of the best technical books I've seen in quite a long time."
--Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Development Community Liaison and Author