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John Osborn is a senior editor with O'Reilly Media, Inc., responsible for Windows and .NET developer books, PDFs and other content. When he's not at his desk in Cambridge, MA you're likely to find him on his bike, in a kayak, or cross-country skiing.

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MIX09ers Head Home with Silverlight and Expression Betas in Hand and Design in Mind

March 24 2009

As they headed home from Las Vegas last Friday, the roughly 2000 designers and developers -- not to mention Microsoft employees -- returning from the three-day MIX09 web conference in Las Vegas had plenty to consider. For O'Reilly author and Silverlight MVP John Papa, the big news was the support… read more

Ballmer Says MS Will Release a New Version of Windows for the Cloud at PDC 2008

October 01 2008

The Register and InfoWorld both reported today that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that Microsoft will release a new version of its Windows operating system as part of its anticipated platform for cloud computing. Ballmer made his announcement at... read more

Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server Coming to EC2 this Fall

October 01 2008

Late yesterday, Amazon announced that coming this fall, developers will be able to run Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server instances on its EC2 cloud services. The implications are many, especially given the anticipated rollout of Microsoft's own cloud computing... read more

CodePlex Announces Support for TortoiseSVN and Other Subversion Clients

September 15 2008

In a move to encourage more developers to use its CodePlex open source project hosting site, Microsoft announced today that the CodePlex repository will now support TortoiseSVN and other Subversion clients without the need for special client software. With this enhancement, developers can work with CodePlex as if it were… read more

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