Chris Sells
Chris Sells is a Microsoft Software Legend and a Program Manager with the Distributed Systems Group at Microsoft. He is a frequent speaker at Microsoft events and a contributor to MSDN Magazine. He is author of the best-selling .NET developer title Windows Forms Programming in C#, and well as a companion VB version, and he is co-author of Mastering Visual Studio .NET. His weblog at is popular with .NET developers for its zany and independent commentary on technology and geek culture.

Programming WPF Programming WPF
by Chris Sells , Ian Griffiths
Second Edition August 2007
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $39.99

Programming Windows Presentation Foundation Programming Windows Presentation Foundation
by Chris Sells , Ian Griffiths
September 2005
Ebook: $31.99

Mastering Visual Studio .NET Mastering Visual Studio .NET
by Ian Griffiths , Jon Flanders , Chris Sells
March 2003
Print: $39.95