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BEA Systems' Principal Technology Evangelist Tyler Jewell is an industry recognized expert educator, mentor, author and lecturer on Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and its latest implementation. In fact, he helped define the industry 'standard' implementation that's most widely recognized in use as the primary business logic component architecture in some of today's Web Application Server tools and environments for enterprise Java. The EJB 2 series will focus on the latest API structure, additions and applications. Specificially, it will cover EJB 2 clustering, EJB-QL, message beans, security and more.
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Unlocking the True Power of Entity EJBs
Tyler Jewell explains the real power of entity EJBs: developers can write once and deploy many times, with each deployment customized for unique data scenarios. Dec. 19, 2001

Stateful Session EJBs: Beasts of Burden
Tyler Jewell, BEA Systems Java Trainer, discusses the true purpose of Stateful session EJBs (SFSBs), where they belong in a J2EE design, and where they should not be used. Learn how to harness these beasts to create more robust architectures--not more burdens. Oct. 2, 2001

EJB 2 and J2EE Packaging, Part II
Tyler Jewell continues his coverage of J2EE packaging issues by focusing on the approaches that vendors can use for implementing EAR classloaders and their ambiguities. Jul. 25, 2001

EJB 2 and J2EE Packaging
Tyler Jewell is back to discuss some of the nuances associated with J2EE packaging and provides some hints to make you more productive. Jun. 26, 2001

EJB 2.0 Specification Release Review
The latest revision of EJB 2.0 removes dependent objects and introduces local interfaces. Here's how to deal with them.  May. 10, 2001

Sorting Out the EJB 2.0 Rumors
Tyler Jewell examines the latest rumors about the changing EJB 2.0 specification. Mar. 29, 2001

What's Wrong with the EJB 2 Specification?
Tyler Jewell points out errors in the latest EJB 2.0 API specification.  Feb. 28, 2001

Clustering Stateless Session Beans
Adding to last month's article, Jewell demonstrates other techniques for load balanced and fault tolerant EJBs. Jan. 18, 2001

EJB 2 Clustering with Application Servers
Tyler Jewell, BEA Systems Java Trainer, teaches clustering with EJB 2, including a systematic breakdown of the different possibilities that application server vendors may incorporate. Dec. 15, 2000