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Java Design and Performance Optimization

O'Reilly's Java Performance and Tuning author, Jack Shirazi, will cover features pertaining to Java software design, development and performance. This includes optimizing your Java database functionality and much more, often overlooked when programming.
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Micro-Tuning Step-by-Step
Java Performance Tuning author Jack Shirazi offers a step-by-step guide for micro-tuning your Java methods. Mar. 20, 2002

Tuning JDBC: Measuring JDBC performance
Many Java apps are dependent on Java Database Connectivity, but how do you measure JDBC's performance, and which subsystems need optimizing? Dec. 5, 2001

Faster List Iteration with RandomAccess Interface
Merlin's new RandomAccess interface identifies whether a java.util.List class has fast random access. This article tests the impact of RandomAccess in several different loops and shows you how to take full advantage of this interface.  Oct. 24, 2001

Multiprocess JVMs
Combining multiple Java processes into a single JVM reduces memory overhead, says Jack Shirazi, author of Java Performance Tuning.  Sep. 25, 2001

Catching OutOfMemoryErrors to Preserve Monitoring and Server Processes
Why would you want to catch an OutOfMemoryError? In some cases, doing so can help you carry on some monitoring and server processes beyond such a fatal error.  Aug. 22, 2001

The WeakHashMap Class
WeakHashMap is a type of Map which differs from other Maps in more than just having a different implementation. WeakHashMap uses weak references to hold its keys, making it one of the few classes able to respond to the fluctuating memory requirements of the JVM. Jul. 9, 2001

The Performance of Java's Lists
Jack Shirazi examines the performance issues for the three primary java.util.List implementations: Vector, ArrayList and LinkedList. May. 30, 2001

Performance Planning for Managers
Jack Shirazi presents a ten-point plan for managing adequate Java application performance.  Feb. 22, 2001

Optimizing Hash Functions For a Perfect Map
O'Reilly's Java Performance and Tuning author Jack Shirazi describes and tests an implementation of a perfect hash map using a perfect hash function. Jan. 25, 2001

Java Performance: Efficiently Formatting Doubles
O'Reilly's Java Performance Tuning author, Jack Shirazi, examines the formatting of doubles and shows that the conversion of numbers with formatting can be faster than the original unformatted conversion. Dec. 15, 2000