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Java Security

Java security is an often overlooked Java topic, especially in today's P2P enterprise-enabled development and deployment environments and frameworks. This includes Web Services. However, expert author Jamie Jaworski will cover the Java Security API, including JCE, JAAS, and JSSE. His expertise especially lies with cryptography, RSA certificates, applets and more.
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JSP Security for Limiting Access to Application-Internal URLs
Jamie Jaworski covers a technique for designing and building simple JSP applications, which provides some security benefits such as limiting access to application-internal URLs. Jun. 27, 2001

Secure Your Sockets with JSSE
Jamie Jaworski installs and uses the JSSE to implement HTTPS, provides an example of a mini-HTTPS server, and Java clients that support SSL.  May. 3, 2001

Java Plug-in 1.3 and RSA Signed Applets
Jamie Jaworski focuses on the latest release of the Java plug-in (v.1.3) and its support for RSA signed applets as well as dynamic trust management.  Mar. 22, 2001