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The Clip2 Report

A monthly perspective on file-sharing networks development from Kelly Truelove of Clip2.
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Morpheus Out of the Underworld
Now that Napster has disabled all previous versions of the software. So where have all file-sharers gone? Would you believe Morpheus -- a system that has far surpassed not only the hobbled Napster but also Gnutella. Clip2 takes an in-depth look at the Morpheus system. Jul. 2, 2001

OpenNap Use Crashes
A Clip2 study shows that OpenNap usage has plummeted since February, probably due to RIAA's notice to ISPs May. 11, 2001

The JuxtaNet
With the unveiling of Project JXTA, Sun is launching an open and decentralized peer-to-peer network, that will likely eclipse Gnutella.  Apr. 25, 2001

Gnutella and the Transient Web
Gnutella returns the Web to Tim Berners-Lee's original vision of a two-way web, where every machine is a server. Gnutella is essentially a two-way, but very transient web. Mar. 22, 2001

Gnutella: Alive, Well, and Changing Fast
While Gnutella was almost given up for dead at the end of 2000, recent developments and innovations show that the platform is quickly evolving. How it will evolve, however, is still up in the air Jan. 25, 2001

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