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Peer Review - Richard Koman

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Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
David McOwen installed the Distributed.Net client at the college where he worked. Now he's being prosecuted for "computer trespass" and could face up to 15 years in prison. Jul. 10, 2001

Is All Music File-Sharing Piracy?
Morpheus is looking like the heir apparent for the now-unusable Napster. Being decentralized, perhaps Morpheus is more resistant to RIAA lawsuits than Napster. Perhaps not. In any case, the music industry should realize that -- online and offline -- there are legit uses of copyright material that don't require a payment. Jul. 6, 2001

Peer Review: How We Got From P2P to Hailstorm
In this column, Richard Koman explains why core P2P principles like presence and identity are being turned into a Web Services platform. Jun. 29, 2001

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Supreme Court Decides Unanimously Against Grokster
Updating as we go. Supremes have ruled 9-0 in favor of the studios in MGM v Grokster. But does the decision have wider import? Is it a death knell for tech? It's starting to look like the answer is no. (Jun 27, 2005)

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