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Topic: Web Services

Java Web Services

The JavaTM Web Services Developer Pack ("JavaTM WSDP") is an all-in-one download containing key technologies to simplify building of web services using the JavaTM 2 Platform. The technologies comprising the Java Web Services Developers Pack include:

  • JavaTM XML Pack Release which includes the following:
    • JavaTM API for XML Messaging ("JAXM") 1.0 EA 1

    • JavaTM API for XML Processing ("JAXP") 1.2 EA 1 (with XML Schema support)

    • JavaTM API for XML Registries ("JAXR") 1.0 EA 1

    • JavaTM API for XML-based RPC ("JAX-RPC") 1.0 EA 1

  • JavaServer PagesTM Standard Tag Library ("JSTL") 1.0 EA 3

  • Ant Build Tool 1.4.1

  • Java WSDP Registry Server 1.0 EA 1

  • Tomcat JavaTM Servlet & JavaServer PagesTM container 4.1-dev

Programming Language: Java

Updated: 01/28/2002
Organization: java.sun.com