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Topic: Open Source Java

Karapan Sapi Struts Generator

Karapan Sapi is a generator that automatically create files for Struts framework based web application, From an XML meta data, Karapan Sapi will generate:

  • Database creation scripts (SQL DDL)
  • struts-config.xml
  • web.xml
  • tiles-def.xml
  • validation.xml
  • StrutsAction
  • StrutsForm
  • DAO
  • JavaBean
  • Pager utility (for listing a long list)
  • Startup filter (for loading object on session startup)
  • Startup plugin (for loading object on application startup)
  • .JSP files
  • build.xml (ant build file)
New Features:
  • Reverse from database
  • XML and XLST templating

Programming Language: Java

Updated: 09/17/2002