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Topic: Open Source Java


We would like to introdcue a new type of Java bean that provides a way of transforming structured text information into object oriented text information. This bean is called "Sanshowbean".

The structured text information tends to contain repeated information. When you need to update repeated information, you must update all places repeated. If the structured text information is transformed into the object oriented text information with the Sanshowbean, you just need to update only one place in a sanshowbean.

Moreover, the object oriented text information contains only meaningful data of an entity or a domain so that the object oriented text information can more easily be managed than the structured text information.

A sanshowbean can be used for the followings:

  • Macro script development
  • Meta-data script development
  • Web script/application development

  • Basically, you can use the sanshowbean for any development to reuse a part of text information as a class and to minimize its duplication.

    Programming Language: Java

    Updated: 05/23/2005