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Topic: Open Source Java


log4j2me is log4j for j2me platform. It is an open source contribution from Witmate. It is compatible with Log4J and executable on J2ME platform. When your code move to J2SE/J2EE platform, you need NOT change your code, just replace log4j2me.jar with standard log4j jar file. Differentiations with standard log4j: * Can not use log4j.properties file to configure log4j in j2me environment, must use API call. * Some fields, as line number, can not get from J2ME platform, so log4j2me will log out a question mark, and these fields will log out correctly, when you move to standard log4j. Of cause, any code changes are NOT required. Contact us about log4j2me by log4j2me@witmate.com

Programming Language: Java

Updated: 11/01/2005