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Topic: Open Source Java


Why JLop? By many years i'm interested in fully portable programs: sources or executables that can be run 'unmodified' on many different computing machinery, on different os, different processors, different hardware. I think that in the future the general purpouse computers will move to the full intercompatibility at the user program level. Today Java is the main language that implements this beautiful behavior and so, for me, is a fascinating language. * * * So, as a indeep study of Java language, i have write down an open nap client, think to be fully portable on any Java 5 enabled computer. The main software-structural choose for JLop was 'deep' multithread architecture: many medium-little processes that interacts themselves. Another main structural choose is to use only Java 5 standard libraries, so JLop should be compatible with all Java 5 enabled computers. * * * JLop is an ''my interpretation'' of an open nap client. I have experimented with Lopster, winMx, napster, kazaa and i have found in these softwares my goods and odds. JLop try to be the client that i wish : minimal on graphics, ui, and without many gadgets that does not matter directly with P2P; but fully operative on necessary P2P operations. * * * JLop is quite new and not yet tested by many people. I release it now becouse is fully ready to upload-download. so... I suggest to try JLop only to people familiar with other P2P programs and with Java language.

Programming Language: Java

Updated: 01/18/2006