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Topic: Open Source Java

SipExchange - open source extensible soft-switch

SipExchange is an open-source softswitch that provides standard SIP services like registration, proxy and presence. Using the SipExchange application, service providers can offer telephone services to their subscribers as well as other services based on voice, video and instant messaging. SipExchange supports many of the standard subscriber features offered by the traditional telephone exchanges and PBXs. In addition, SipExchange supports external call control capabilities using which service providers and software developers can create new features and services rapidly and plug them into the SipExchange application. SipExchange works with standard SIP phones that adhere to the SIP protocol standards. SipExchange leverages the Java and J2EE technology as a basis for the architecture that is flexible, scalable and easily extensible. It runs as an enterprise application inside the JBoss server and takes advantage of many services that a J2EE server provides. SipExchange provides a web-based user interface using which system administrators can manage subscribers and features as well as perform other routine operations. SipExchange also provides a web-based user interface using which subscribers can customize the features they have subscribed to.

Programming Language: Java

Updated: 03/19/2006