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Topic: Open Source Java

DualRpc easy bidirectional RPC for GUI client to server

DualRpc is a clean and simple Java framework for making RPC calls between client and server. It is a practical solution for building rich, thin clients that interact with business logic on the server. The framework is bidirectional - a client can call server side methods and the server can call client side methods. RPC calls and messages can also be broadcast to all connected clients. Because a single, continuous TCP/IP connection is established between client and server, session state is preserved between RPC calls. SSL, SSH and HTTP/SOCKS proxy tunneling is built-in, which makes it easy to secure and deploy applications behind firewalls. DualRpc can be used in combination with Swing, SWT and other GUI frameworks. DualRpc client installations may be done manually or with Java Web Start for large scale deployments.

Programming Language: Java

Updated: 04/25/2006