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Topic: Java and XML

Oracle XML SQL Utility (XSU)

The Oracle XML SQL Utility (XSU) allows the user to generate an XML document given a SQL query or a JDBC ResultSet object. It also allows the user to Extract data from an XML document, insert data into a database table, update a database table, or delete corresponding data from a database table. New features in the current release include: Simple Application Programming Interface for XML version 2 (SAX2) output from any SQL query for handling XML query output of arbitrary size in custom programs or SAX filters, full support for any JDBC driver removing previous restrictions, initial XML Schema support, (allowing the user to produce inline XML Schema for the XML result of any SQL query), and new support for retrieving data as XML attributes instead of elements by using standard SQL column aliasing. This page also includes links to online documentation and technical data sheets.

Updated: 12/03/2000
Organization: Oracle