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Topic: Java EE (Enterprise), Java and XML

Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE:

Even if you don't write code dedicated to Microsoft platforms, you have probably heard by now about Microsoft .NET, Microsoft's latest volley in their campaign against all things non-Windows. If you've read the media spin from Microsoft, or browsed through the scant technical material available on the MSDN site, or even if you attended the Microsoft Professional Developers' Conference (where the .NET platform was officially "launched"), you're probably still left with at least two big questions: What exactly is the .NET platform? How does the .NET architecture measure up against J2EE? And, if you think more long-term, you might have a third question rattling around your head: What can we learn from the .NET architecture about pushing the envelope of enterprise software development? The .NET framework is at a very early stage in its lifecycle, and deep details are still being eked out by the Microsoft .NET team. But we can, nevertheless, get fairly decent answers to these questions from the information that's already out there.

Updated: 12/03/2000
Organization: O'Reilly