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Topic: Java EE (Enterprise)


The CORBA Component Model (CCM)is written to address these and other complexities in the CORBA object model. The CCM is part of the CORBA 3.0 specification, which is due to be released this year. The CCM is a server-side component model for building and deploying CORBA applications. It is very similar to Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) because it uses accepted design patterns and facilitates their usage, enabling a large amounts of code to be generated. This also allows system services to be implemented by the container provider rather than the application developer. The benefit and need for these types of containers can be observed through the growth of Application Server software. The CCM extends the CORBA object model by defining features and services in a standard environment that enable application developers to implement, manage, configure and deploy components that integrate with commonly used CORBA Services. These server-side services include transactions, security, persistence, and events.

Updated: 04/04/2001
Organization: IBM Developer Works