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JAXM is the Java API for XML Messaging, used in Java-based Web services.

Hangin' with the JAX Pack, Part 2: JAXM (ONJava.com)
Al Saganich examines JAXM, the Java API for XML Messaging, and shows how it provides support for accessing various messaging formats.

Java and Web Services Primer (ONJava.com)
BEA Systems' Al Saganich begins this series on Java and XML Web Services by introducing and demonstrating Web services as an extension of Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). Future articles in this series will show you how the Java 2EE and Web Services work together.

Chatting in XML Financial Messages (ONJava.com)
Dmeetry Raizman explains how to apply Java and XML to financial industry messaging transactions, including Real Time Chatting (RTC) between parties.

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