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JAXP is the Java API for XML Parsing, for Java-based Web services and Java/XML Web application development.

The Java Platform (ONJava.com)
In this excerpt from O'Reilly & Associates' Java in a Nutshell, 4th Edition, David Flanagan shows you a number of the Java 2SE platform packages, using examples of the most useful classes in these packages.

Hangin' with the JAX Pack, Part 1 (ONJava.com)
In this three-part series, BEA Systems' Al Saginach takes a look at the JAX Pack, JAVA APIs for providing XML-based Web services handling XML. This week Al looks at JAXP (for XML processing) and JAXB (for XML binding). Next week: XML messaging with JAXM.

Java and Web Services Primer (ONJava.com)
BEA Systems' Al Saganich begins this series on Java and XML Web Services by introducing and demonstrating Web services as an extension of Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). Future articles in this series will show you how the Java 2EE and Web Services work together.

XML Processing with TRaX (ONJava.com)
The TRaX API extends JAXP to include XML transformations, providing a vendor- and implementation-agnostic standard Java API for specifying and executing XML transformations.

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