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JAX-RPC is the Java API for Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), which serves as a SOAP interface for accessing Web services and its interoperability with other programming languages.

Hangin with the JAX Pack, Part 4: JAX-RPC (ONJava.com)
In the final installment of this series, Al Saganich looks at JAX-RPC, the Java API for XML-based RPC. Guess what -- it's really just another instance of RMI.

Infrastructure for an Interconnected Enterprise (ONJava.com)
Learn about the Web services infrastructure necessary for an interconnected enterprise, using SOAP, JAX-RPC, and more.

Java and XML: SOAP (ONJava.com)
In this excerpt from Chapter 12 of Java & XML, 2nd Edition, Brett explains what SOAP is, and why it is such an important part of where the web development paradigm is moving. That will help you get the fundamentals down, and prepare you for actually working with a SOAP toolkit.

Java and Web Services Primer (ONJava.com)
BEA Systems' Al Saganich begins this series on Java and XML Web Services by introducing and demonstrating Web services as an extension of Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). Future articles in this series will show you how the Java 2EE and Web Services work together.

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