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Java Server Pages (JSP)

Java Server Pages (JSP)

JSP embeds scrptlets with XHTML to process forms, perform calculations, or do anything else that can be written with the Java programming language. JSP separates the GUI from content generation which enables change to the overall page layout without altering the underlying dynamic content.

Upload Files with JSF and MyFaces (ONJava.com)
Want to support uploading of files from the user's browser to your web application? You could parse the multipart form data yourself--or you could let Java do it for you. JSF doesn't support this out of the box, but, as Andrei Cioroianu shows, several JSF-based frameworks do.

Caching Dynamic Content with JSP 2.0 (ONJava.com)
Server-side caching is a powerful and popular technique for improving the performance of server-side applications. After all, why compute twice what you can compute once and hang on to? Andrei Cioroianu shows you how to exploit this technique in JSP 2.0.

Creating a Web Application with Ant and Tomcat 4 (ONJava.com)
Ever wondered how to put JSPs and Java Beans together? In this article, Paul Wood develops and deploys a database-backed Web application into a Tomcat 4 servlet/JSP Container. Oh yeah, and he's using Ant to build, install, and deploy things.

JSP Overview, Part 2 (ONJava.com)
In this excerpt from JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition, the second in a two-part series providing an overview of JSP, you'll find an introduction to JSP application design with MVC and learn about JSP processing.

JSP Overview, Part 1 (ONJava.com)
In part one of two book excerpts on JSP Overview from JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition, understand the problem with Servlets as well as the anatomy of a JSP page.

JSTL 1.0: Standardizing JSP, Part 1 (ONJava.com)
JSTL offers a set of standardized JSP custom actions to handle common tasks. This article, the first in a series, provides an overview and shows how to use the most common tags.

JSP Standard Tag Libraries, Part 2 (ONJava.com)
In the second part of her series on the JSTL, Sue Spielman describes how to work with the tag libraries and the expression language.

Accelerating JSP Tag Development with Jakarta Velocity (ONJava.com)
Tags are cool. They are, however, a pain to write, as they put HTML inside of Java code, which is neither pretty nor maintainable, even in the short term. This article shows how to improve the situation by using Jakarta Velocity.

JSP Standard Tag Libraries, Part 1 (ONJava.com)
Custom tags make working with JSP easier and more efficient, but wouldn't it be good to have standard ways to perform common tasks? Enter JSP Standard Tag Libraries, an attempt to provide a common and standard set of custom tags.

Transparent Data Pipelines for JSP (ONJava.com)
The author presents Transparent Data Pipelines as a solution to the fact that JSP breaks the MVC model, addressing several other shortcomings as well.

Invoking JavaServer Pages from MIDlets (ONJava.com)
Wireless and the enterprise go great together, but how do we make it happen? This article shows how to invoke JSPs from wireless apps such as MIDlets.

Writing JSPs in XML using JSP 1.2 (ONJava.com)
Stephanie Fesler covers using XML syntax within a JSP -- part of the new JSP 1.2 specification. Learn why you would want to do this and what the differences in syntax are.

JSP 1.2: Great News for the JSP Community, Part 2 (ONJava.com)
O'Reilly author Hans Bergsten concludes his review of the JSP 1.2 specification by detailing the changes and additions in the custom tag handler API.

JSP 1.2: Great news for the JSP Community, Part 1 (ONJava.com)
O'Reilly author Hans Bergsten explores the recently-released JSP 1.2 specification, covering the brand new features, as well as corrections and clarifications of areas that were not quite right in the previous version.

Introduction to Jakarta Struts Framework (ONJava.com)
Sue Spielman shows us how to use Apache's Jakarta Struts framework, which encourages an application architecture based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, useful in building servlet- and JSP-based Web applications.

Using Tomcat 4 Security Realms (ONJava.com)
In part 4 of his Using Tomcat series, James Goodwill covers Tomcat 4, focusing on security realms using both memory and JDBC realms (with a MySQL database example).

Web Server Java -- Servlets and JSP (ONJava.com)
Ian Darwin gives us two examples in this book excerpt from Java Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for Java Developers using Servlets and JSP: Task of displaying a web page with five randomly chosen integer numbers and a dictionary (list of terms).

Web DbForms (ONJava.com)
Many developers find themselves writing similar JSP and servlet code, again and again, when creating Web-based database applications. The open source project DbForms provides a solution which reduces the amount of coding to an absolute minimum.

JSP Security for Limiting Access to Application-Internal URLs (ONJava.com)
Jamie Jaworski covers a technique for designing and building simple JSP applications, which provides some security benefits such as limiting access to application-internal URLs.

Designing JSP Custom Tag Libraries (ONJava.com)
In this article, you'll learn what a JSP custom tag library is, why you'd want to use it, and how to build and use a complete tag library.

Uploading Files with Beans (ONJava.com)
Ever wondered how developers at Hotmail or Yahoo Mail process the attachments to email? Rest assured, you're not the only one.

Installing and Configuring Tomcat (ONJava.com)
James Goodwill covers the installation and configuration for the Tomcat Web Server.

Pseudo Sessions for JSP, Servlets and HTTP (ONJava.com)
Kurniawan discusses pseudo sessions and using them to overcome drawbacks in JSP and Servlet applications.

JSP vs. XSP (ONJava.com)
Sue Spielman looks at JSP and XSP to help you decide which is right for your development needs.

Advanced Features of JSP Custom Tag Libraries (ONJava.com)
In part two of Sue Spielman's JSP Custom Tag Libraries series, she covers advanced features: JSP container interaction with tags, tags with bodies, nested tags, tag extra info, and cooperating tags.

Resources and links:

JSP Tutorial
This is a jGuru JSP Tutorial. [Source: Sun/jGuru]

JSP Taglibs Tutorial
This is a JSP Taglibs tutorial session, presented by O'Reilly JSP book author Hans Bergsten at the O'Reilly Enterprise Java Conference 2001. [Source: O'Reilly]

JSP Custom Actions
O'Reilly Servlets book author Jason Hunter presents this JSP custom actions tutorial session at the 2001 O'Reilly Enterprise Java Conference. [Source: O'Reilly]