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Java Transaction API (JTA)

JTA is a high level, implementation independent, protocol independent API that allows applications and application servers to access transactions.

Atomic File Transactions, Part 2 (ONJava.com)
In Part 2 of this series, Jonathan Amsterdam provides more detail on his algorithm for atomic file transactions, walks through the design of his system, and provides a justification for the correctness of the algorithm.

Atomic File Transactions, Part 1 (ONJava.com)
Databases provide atomicity for data stored within them, but filesystems are not atomic with respect to their files. This article series explains how to achieve atomicity for standard filesystem actions in transactions.

J2EE Transaction Frameworks, Part 3 (ONJava.com)
This series concludes with descriptions of declarative transaction management of session, entity and message driven beans; global transaction guidelines; and local transaction management.

J2EE Transaction Frameworks: Distributed Transaction Primer (ONJava.com)
In Part II of this series, JTA/XA and RM/Local Transactions in a J2EE configuration are described as well as issues of isolation and serialization of resource managers.

J2EE Transaction Frameworks: Building the Framework (ONJava.com)
Dibyendu Baksi describes the emergence of distributed component-based systems, including the role of transactions within J2EE.

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Java 2EE API Documents
Java 2EE 1.3 defines the standard for developing and deploying enterprise applications. With the latest versions of Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM), JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) and Java Servlet API component technologies, it enhances the existing J2EE platform. In addition, J2EE 1.3 adds support for J2EE Connector Architecture, the Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP), and the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) API. J2EE 1.3 also increases the level of support from optional to required of the Java Message Service (JMS) API. [Source: Sun]