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Java > Java EE (Enterprise) > RMI over IIOP (RMI/IIOP)


RMI over IIOP is part of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition and available separately as an extension to the Java platform (it is compatible with JDKTM 1.1 software and Java 2 platform). RMI over IIOP provides the ability to write CORBA applications for the Java platform without learning CORBA Interface Definition Language (IDL). To work with CORBA applications in other languages, IDL can be generated from Java programming language interfaces. RMI over IIOP includes the full functionality of a CORBA Object Request Broker.

JMS and CORBA Notification Interworking (ONJava.com)
The CORBA Notification Service is being expanded to support JMS. This article explains how to internetwork between JMS and CORBA Notification products.

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Java 2EE API Documents
Java 2EE 1.3 defines the standard for developing and deploying enterprise applications. With the latest versions of Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM), JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) and Java Servlet API component technologies, it enhances the existing J2EE platform. In addition, J2EE 1.3 adds support for J2EE Connector Architecture, the Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP), and the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) API. J2EE 1.3 also increases the level of support from optional to required of the Java Message Service (JMS) API. [Source: Sun]