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Applet (Java)

An applet is a Java program that runs within the web browser. Applets use a graphical user interface and may have text, images, buttons, scrollbars, and sound. AWT and SWING are frequently associated with articles and tutorials about creating applets.

Database Access Using Lightweight Applets (ONJava.com)
Using lightweight applet technology, you can bring the full weight of Java's GUI capability and the advantages of client-side dynamic database access to your Web applications. Because the technology employs HTTP to communicate with a database via SqlServlet, lightweight applets perform well, yet remain small enough to have acceptable download times.

Resources and links:

Java 2SE API Documents
Includes essential Java 2SE (SDK), tools, runtimes, and APIs for developers writing, deploying, and running applets and applications in the Java programming language. Also includes earlier Java Development Kit versions JDKTM 1.1 and JRE 1.1