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Java I/O

Java Input/Output (I/O) facilities are based on streams, which provide simple ways to read and write data of different types. Java I/O also controls number formatting and character use aside from the standard ASCII character set.

URLs and URIs, Proxies and Passwords (ONJava.com)
Java networking is seldom as simple as it first seems. In this excerpt, one of a series from Java Network Programming, 3rd Edition, Elliotte Rusty Harold shows how to encode and decode URLs, work with URIs, use multiple proxy servers, query servers with HTTP GET, and use password-based authentication.

Parsing and Writing QuickTime Files in Java (ONJava.com)
Writing QuickTime files in Java is easy, if you understand the file format. Chris Adamson argues that it makes a lot of sense. This article explains how the file format works, demonstrating how to read and write to QT files.

The Java Platform (ONJava.com)
In this excerpt from O'Reilly & Associates' Java in a Nutshell, 4th Edition, David Flanagan shows you a number of the Java 2SE platform packages, using examples of the most useful classes in these packages.

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