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Topic: Building/Compiling

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Custom-Compiling Apache and Subversion (Apache DevCenter)
Subversion is a useful, powerful, and modern revision-control system that builds on well-understood and powerful tools including Apache. This layering has many benefits--and drawbacks, if the defaults aren't quite right for you. You can compile them yourself, though; Manni Wood demonstrates how.

Single-User Subversion (Apache DevCenter)
Revision control isn't just for distributed, multi-developer teams. Rafael Garcia-Suarez introduces Subversion and explains how to use it for personal projects.

AxKit: An XML-Delivery Toolkit for Apache (Apache DevCenter)
Rael Dornfest introduces AxKit, an XML application server bringing together XSLT, Perl, and Apache for unrivaled content transformation.

Basic Installation of PHP on a Unix System (PHP DevCenter)
Need a powerful replacement for ASP web scripting? Darrell Brogden walks us through compiling and installing PHP, an open source web scripting language that you can embed into HTML.

LAMP Lighter: The Apache Toolbox (Databases DevCenter)
An overview of the Apache Toolbox, a Swiss army knife of a script, providing a customizable, menu-driven interface to downloading and compiling a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHPherlthon) -- minus the Linux -- installation.

Module Tour: Embedding Python with mod_python and mod_snake (Apache DevCenter)
Rael Dornfest takes quick look at mod_python and mod_snake, two modules that embed a Python interpreter right into your Apache server.

Apache Under Windows (Apache DevCenter)
This excerpt is from Chapter 1 of Apache: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition. Covers installing an Apache binary under Windows and, for more adventurous souls, compiling from source.

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