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Topic: Jakarta/Jserv

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Learning the New Jakarta Struts 1.1, Part 2 (ONJava.com)
Part 2 of Sue Spielmann's article on Struts 1.1 covers nested tag libraries, the Validator framework, the PlugIn API, and declarative exception handling.

Learning the New Jakarta Struts 1.1, Part 1 (ONJava.com)
In this first part of a two-part series, you'll learn about the new 1.1 release of Struts, how to work with it, and how to migrate from v.1.0.x.

Jakarta Struts: Seven Lessons from the Trenches (ONJava.com)
Chuck Cavaness, author of Programming Jakarta Struts, describes for Java programmers some of lessons he learned the hard way when he used the Struts framework to build a company application.

JSTL 1.0: What JSP Applications Need, Part 2 (ONJava.com)
Part 2 of our JSTL series focuses on internationization, localization, and database access.

Java Software Automation with Jakarta Ant (ONJava.com)
Jakarta Ant is not only a tool, it's a powerful language that allows you automate Java-based Web applications. This article describes automating a Java servlet with Ant.

Web Development in Heavy Traffic (ONJava.com)
For Web sites that deal with huge traffic levels, Web applications have to be robust 24/7. This article details how one site caches articles in a servlet container, tunes the JVM, and other tricks for high-load sites.

Installing Software with Jakarta Ant (ONJava.com)
Why depend on someone else to install software on user's machines? An install script and Ant build files do the trick.

Developing for Jakarta Avalon (ONJava.com)
This articles takes you through the steps of developing an application for Phoenix, the application server in Jakarta Avalon.

Accelerating JSP Tag Development with Jakarta Velocity (ONJava.com)
Tags are cool. They are, however, a pain to write, as they put HTML inside of Java code, which is neither pretty nor maintainable, even in the short term. This article shows how to improve the situation by using Jakarta Velocity.

Learning Jakarta Struts, Part 3 (ONJava.com)
In the last article in her Jakarta Struts series, Sue Spielman shows you how to use Struts tags to access the ApplicationResource file from a JSP.

Learning Jakarta Struts, Part 2 (ONJava.com)
In Part 2 of her series on Jakarta Struts, Sue Spielman shows you how to build a simple application from scratch in Struts 1.0.

Introduction to Jakarta Struts Framework (ONJava.com)
Sue Spielman shows us how to use Apache's Jakarta Struts framework, which encourages an application architecture based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, useful in building servlet- and JSP-based Web applications.

Open Source Java: Ant (ONJava.com)
David Thomson describes Ant, an open source Java build tool.

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