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Topic: Database

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Working with Multiple Content Sources in GoLive (Web Development DevCenter)
GoLive allows you to add multiple content sources with ease, but extracting multiple records from one source based on multiple records from another source is beyond the scope of its current GUI. However, with some editing and using nested loops, you can manipulate data from multiple content sources for your GoLive sites.

Using the SQL Select Statement in GoLive 6 (Web Development DevCenter)
With a little knowledge of the SQL select statement, and a little editing in the source mode of GoLive 6, you can provide sophisticated search routines for your users.

Building a Simple Search Engine with PHP (PHP DevCenter)
Curious how a search engine works? Stuck on an intranet where you have to roll your own solution? In this article Daniel Solin shows how easy it is to build a simple search engine spider with PHP.

Cross-Browser Style Objects (Web Development DevCenter)
Do you need magic to make all dynamic styles compatible across browsers? Bill Pena, coauthor of Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition, shows you how to extend the capabilities of older browsers by recreating crucial W3C DOM features and making them available to 4.0 browsers with proprietary DOMs.

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